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commercial and residential real estate

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Sound Legal Advice


When it comes to legal advice, we think that both the presentation and delivery are equally important. Providing a client with adequate legal protection and safeguards is only part of the equation. Adequate information and trust comprises the other.

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Disputes are meant to be resolved, not extended. Time is our client’s most precious commodity and in order to maximize the benefit of our engagement, we strive to avoid conflict in the first place, at its inception, and if it does arise, by way of litigation or arbitration, we act swiftly to end it.

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Adequate coverage for clients begins in the proper drafting of documents and structuring transactions that are fair, feasible to protect and enforce and manageable for clients to maneuver around. Life is best when attorneys need not to be involved when initial business or legal disputes arise. Only proper frameworks under law can provide the initial absence of attorneys.

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Focus on Real Estate Transactions

In today’s world, specialization is key when it comes to legal services. Human enterprise has required professionals to focus on core aspects of their general practices to better serve their clients. The partners of Tapia Zuckermann have been involved with landlord-tenant law, commercial development, residential and condominium law for over fifty years, both representing clients and with their own investment properties. Civil litigation derived from real estate transactions have been a more recent focus of the firm given the current economic environment but, aside from trends, attendance to seminars and clinics to continue learning and mastering changes in statute and court-evolved law have been crucial.



  • Los Cabos law firm primarily focused on serving the advocacy and advisory needs of the area's most dynamic clients‎.
  • Emphasis on core practice areas of real estate, civil litigation, finance, corporate and commercial law, taxation and government relations.
  • Dedicated to staying on the leading edge of reforms in law and business in order to offer timely, proactive and sound advice.
  • Serving leadership roles in legal, business and charitable organizations in the Los Cabos community.
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Client Testimonials

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    C. Gonzalez San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur
    "Eduardo Tapia muy profesional, ético, eficiente y sobretodo gran ser humano. En 2012 tuve la fortuna de contar con todo su apoyo y experiencia, comprobando así su profesionalismo.  Felicidades por...
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    Thomas & June Russell
    "After returning from our trip to Cabo two years ago, we had second thoughts on the purchase of yet another timeshare. Blessed to have met Eduardo Tapia a few years...
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